Should we fight to reclaim kindergarten?

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TweetScholars at the University of Virginia recently published an article entitled “Is Kindergarten the New First Grade?” (full paper available here).  By tapping into two large, nationally representative data sets, these researchers were able to compare survey responses provided by… Continue Reading


Do you want to be a primary grade teaching superstar?

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TweetWhen you hear the word “superstar,” whose face pops into your mind? Madonna? Michael Jordan?                 Justin Bieber? Would you like to be a superstar? What about becoming a primary grade teaching superstar?… Continue Reading


Surprising New Research Reveals Teachers’ Top Strategy for Success

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TweetDid anyone else notice the significant subtext woven through the Response to Intervention (RtI) evaluation report (http://(http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/pubs/20164000/) that was published last week?  Although the report’s purpose was to provide a large-scale evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of RtI, I believe this report, which… Continue Reading


Kindergarten and the Common Core: A problematic pairing

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TweetThe Common Core is Srs Bzns.  Everyone knows the Common Core is serious business, replete with rigor and weighed down with supporting evidence drawn from the text.  The Common Core is intended to produce college-and-career-ready high school graduates who are… Continue Reading


Will play help your students learn the Common Core with joy?

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TweetAn article recently published in The Atlantic described learning experiences of Finnish children in their play-based, child-centered public school kindergarten classrooms:  some students took shovels outside to dig in the mud and build dams; other students staffed a pretend ice cream… Continue Reading


Chatting: A developmentally appropriate activity for TK-3 students

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TweetDo you have a chatty class this year?  Is their chatting disrupting your instructional plans?  Or is chatting becoming a classroom management problem for you? I’ve been there, believe me! I’d like to offer an alternative perspective on student chitty-chat… Continue Reading


Free Common Core checklists for ELA & Math? Yes, please! UPDATE

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TweetHere’s a link to some great Common Core checklists available for Grades K-5.  They’re perfect for tracking whole class progress toward mastery of the grade-level standards in ELA and Math. These free Common Core checklists were created by Cortney Marcus… Continue Reading