Do Teachers Look Dumb in New Response-to-Intervention Research?

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Tweet   Currently, 70% of U.S. school districts integrate aspects of Response to Intervention (RtI) on their campuses, and most practicing teachers are already familiar with RtI.  Last week, the most comprehensive federal evaluation of Response to Intervention to date… Continue Reading


The Honest Truth About Teachers’ Decision Making

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TweetTeachers’ decision making is constrained by a persistent paradox.  Today, many administrators prioritize uniformity in teaching—for example, they want all teachers in a given grade to be “on the same page.”  However, by demanding conformity they automatically eliminate creativity in teaching.… Continue Reading


Kindergarten and the Common Core: A problematic pairing

Boys in their jellyfish and octopus habitat hats

TweetThe Common Core is Srs Bzns.  Everyone knows the Common Core is serious business, replete with rigor and weighed down with supporting evidence drawn from the text.  The Common Core is intended to produce college-and-career-ready high school graduates who are… Continue Reading


Will play help your students learn the Common Core with joy?

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TweetAn article recently published in The Atlantic described learning experiences of Finnish children in their play-based, child-centered public school kindergarten classrooms:  some students took shovels outside to dig in the mud and build dams; other students staffed a pretend ice cream… Continue Reading


Developing targeted curriculum: Teachers’ greatest superpower

Teachers to the rescue!

TweetIn my last post (“Conquer the Common Core….Starting NOW!” http://wp.me/p6quk7-5y) I mentioned the elephant in the classroom: it is very difficult to find high quality curricular or instructional materials that can be used to teach the knowledge and skills in… Continue Reading


Free Common Core checklists for ELA & Math? Yes, please! UPDATE

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TweetHere’s a link to some great Common Core checklists available for Grades K-5.  They’re perfect for tracking whole class progress toward mastery of the grade-level standards in ELA and Math. These free Common Core checklists were created by Cortney Marcus… Continue Reading


It’s a book! Using DAP to Teach the Common Core, Grades PreK-3

DAP-CCSS Book Cover

TweetWow!  Here I sit, holding my just-published book in my hot little hands. I’ve been gazing lovingly at its beautiful cover and leafing through its carefully wrought pages for a few days.  And I’m almost ready to start sharing the… Continue Reading


Back-to-school goodies, developmentally appropriate practices style!

Listening Center, Room 0

TweetI’m thinking about everything that teachers—including Lisa S.!—need to do at this time of the year and wishing that I could help make things easier.  Given the passion Lisa S. and I share for meeting children where they are and… Continue Reading


Apply the Findings of New Research: Teach Kids to be Nice

Kindergarten Students' Social-Emotional Skills Predict Future Success in School and Adult Life

Tweet  Kindergarteners who demonstrate strong prosocial skills—behaviors such as empathy, sharing, willingness to help others, ability to make friends—are more likely to achieve success in early adulthood than kindergarteners who demonstrate less-developed social skills. These findings, the result of a… Continue Reading