Who We Are and What We’re Trying to Do

Lisa G. is a former primary grade teacher.  Currently, she is an Education professor at a local university.  She also directs the university’s teacher preparation programs.

Lisa S. has been teaching children in grades preK-1 since the early 1980s.  Currently, she teaches kindergarten.

Here’s a picture of us:  Lisa G. is on the left and Lisa S. is on the right.

me&zis VT copy

We’ve been best friends for close to 25 years.  And we’re always talking, thinking, and wondering about the best (and worst) ways to teach young children.

After 25 years of talking mainly to each other about this topic, we figured it was time to get other like-minded people—educators, administrators, parents, paraprofessionals, school board members and others—to join in, enrich, and deepen our conversations.  So we decided to start this blog.  Please join us!

If you want to connect with us personally, you can email us at reacheverystudenteveryday@gmail.com.

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